GateOmega 2024 Strategy Review

3 min readJan 17, 2024

Welcome to the GateOmega 2024 Strategy Review, where we delve into the exciting advancements and trends shaping the landscape of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. As we anticipate significant evolution and progress in various areas, 2024 is poised to redefine how we interact with digital assets, participate in decentralized systems, and integrate technology into our daily lives.

In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the key factors driving the growth of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the year ahead. From advancements in decentralization and user interface innovations to the convergence of AI and blockchain, we will explore the various aspects shaping the industry. So, let’s embark on this journey and discover what lies ahead…

In the 2023 Strategy Review, we emphasized Data Tokenization and Confidential Computing, Non-Fungible DeFi Products, Carbon-Free Tokenization, Modular Blockchains, Speed of Light Payments, and CBDCs & Digital Identities. Consequently, blockchain is transitioning from the antagonist of the narrative, the antithesis of corporate finance, to the protagonist in the story.

DeFi 2.0

The importance of decentralization in Web3 is growing, promoting fair and impartial systems. Pretty soon, we can expect to see more sophisticated types of decentralization, such as Decentralized Finance Organizations Governed by Communities. If this long-awaited dream comes true, unleashing the true potential of blockchain, we might even go to “Jupiter.”

UX & Terminology & Tech

Design, Tech, and Communication shouldn’t be separated from each other; this is the key to mass adoption. Interoperable bridges and modular blockchains, allowing interconnected networks and subjectively low fees, will transform the user experience for mainstream users. Tech in the background, with comprehensible/easy and appealing terminology, will create a robust and newcomer-friendly environment leading the way for mass adoption.

AI & Blockchain

As the internet is now an invisible part of human life, AI will be fully integrated into our lives, as it is already inevitable. The recently changing narrative on the AI side, with an antagonist culture kicking in, has created new opportunities for blockchain. This is now a battle between corporate AI vs. people’s AI narratives, and time will tell how things will evolve.

Additionally, the exponential growth of AI will allow one-click game creations with ready-to-go content, and the gaming industry will shift from play-to-earn to play-and-earn. This will create horizontally scaling game content, backed up with seamless blockchain transactions fostering itemization and the PvP industry.

Privacy & Identity

Privacy will boost data and DeFi tokenization, with the first steps initiated in 2023, going further implemented. This will be a significant step to attract institutional-level money into this blue ocean. Snarks are already here to ensure voter identity and the integrity of the voting process. Along with a more robust people identity scoring system than ever for scams.

To sum up, all narratives and techs well-cooked in 2023 are now driving new trend points mentioned above for 2024. Mainly AI and DeFi 2.0 for 2024; we will be hearing more stories along with the L1 vs. L2 dilemma, which will be one of the main narratives of 2024, and we will see market cycles around it.

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Who We Are?

GateOmega is an experienced node operator based in Turkey. We are a team of 6 and focusing on disruptive and innovative blockchains projects. GateOmega team consists of professionals who have:

  • 20 years of IT experience in Agile Project Management and Information Security.
  • Supply Chain and end-to-end project management with Operations Excellence focus.
  • Ops Finance & Reporting along with leading SAP integrations.

We have been in the blockchain space for 5 years and node operations for 2 years. We are currently active on mainnet of the following blockchains: Solana, Oasis Consensus and Paratimes, Near Protocol, Covalent, Orai, Umbrella Oracle and Forta Scanner.

Our vision is to establish industry standards to enhance consumer experience.

Our mission is to support Web 3 mass adoption by providing highly secure PoS staking services and building easy to use tools for consumers to enjoy blockchain space.

We do value;
Transparency: We walk the talk and share with our consumers.
Inclusiveness: We co-create with our consumers as per our consumers.
Innovation: We constantly seek creative ways to change, keeping up the pace with crypto space.




Gate Omega is a new start-up company based in Turkey. We are a team of 6 and currently focusing on disruptive and innovative crypto projects .