GateOmega 2023 Strategy Review

3 min readJan 20, 2023

Despite 2022 being a turbulent year full of turmoil around the World and also for Web3, it has been a significant year for GateOmega’s growth across new ecosystems and technical learnings.

While continuing to enlarge our portfolio, we have been very selective and keen on investing in disruptive ecosystems which we believe will shape the world through their breakthrough technologies.

Along with tech know-how, understanding crypto-space requires both a vigilant stance and a holistic approach concerning use cases / consumer needs, regulatory / economic environment and tech growth. Therefore we kept our focus on the rapidly shifting world and swiftly evolving tech space.

Accordingly, we believe that following trends have been already started shaping the space and will also be most popular during upcoming years.

Data Tokenization and Confidential Computing

Considering we are living in a post-truth era where Deep Fake, populism and inauthentic content are parabolic, there is a need for proper authentication while securing privacy.

Non-Fungible Defi Products

We can simply put Defi’s are most admirable “Blue Oceans” for big finance corporations where there is always a need of parking and shifting the money flow. Accordingly The Next Generation Finance will be built on blockchain however it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be on public chains and why BaaS companies are to be watched as well for customized and personalized Defi Products which will become the most popular alternatives.

Blockchain-as-a-Service Companies

Along with mass institutional adoption, companies like Hyperledger Fabric, 3R Corda, and JPMorgan Onix would be on the top because of less risk, robustness and marketing benefits.

Carbon Free Tokenization

2030 is the carbon neutral target for most parts of the world and blockchain already providing such authentication if properly combined with local regulations.

Modular Blockchains

L1 Modular chains separating Consensus, Data Availability and Execution along with Rollup introductions are gaining momentum as blockspace increases with data shards and as rollups introduce scalability, the overall throughput of the blockchain increases.

Speed of Light Payments

The war started a long time ago however there are only a few pioneers in blockchain space. Along with new players joining the game, competition will secure robustness and boost the viability of current currencies.

Central Bank Digital Currencies & Stable Coins

In case you can do every payment on digital platforms, there will be zero tax loss for the governments. Hurray! Along with digital identities integrations, CBDCs will be a new way to reserve and circulate money and Bitcoin can take the place of Gold and this time literally.

To sum up, we believe that all these trends and their blockchain pioneers will be fostering each other to achieve mass adoption therefore should be watched within the economic and regulatory environment.

Follow us to be part of our growth journey and dip into GateOmega’s ecosystem and stake with us to profit off with highest APY in the industry.

Who We Are?

GateOmega is an experienced node operator based in Turkey. We are a team of 6 and focusing on disruptive and innovative blockchains projects. GateOmega team consists of professionals who have:

  • 20 years of IT experience in Agile Project Management and Information Security.
  • Supply Chain and end-to-end project management with Operations Excellence focus.
  • Ops Finance & Reporting along with leading SAP integrations.

We have been in the blockchain space for 5 years and node operations for 2 years. We are currently active on mainnet of the following blockchains: Solana, Oasis Consensus and Paratimes, Near Protocol, Umbrella Oracle and Forta Scanner.

Our vision is to establish industry standards to enhance consumer experience.

Our mission is to support Web 3 mass adoption by providing highly secure PoS staking services and building easy to use tools for consumers to enjoy blockchain space.

We do value;
: We walk the talk and share with our consumers.
Inclusiveness: We co-create with our consumers as per our consumers.
Innovation: We constantly seek creative ways to change, keeping up the pace with crypto space.




Gate Omega is a new start-up company based in Turkey. We are a team of 6 and currently focusing on disruptive and innovative crypto projects .