Welcome to the front lines of the Subspace Stake Wars!

2 min readNov 10, 2023


Subspace is inviting participants to engage in a thrilling battle that explores the intricacies of execution, staking, and the revolutionary concept of domains. In this article, we will delve into the key elements and steps of Stake Wars, shedding light on the roles of farmers, operators, and nominators, as well as the phases that define this epic contest.

1. The Farmer, The Domain, The Operator, and Their Nominators:

  • Farmers pledge space to build plots, solving puzzles based on stored data.
  • Subspace introduces a new player, the operator, responsible for executing user transactions.
  • Domains, acting as L2 rollups, provide a common consensus for transactions.

2. Operators and Staking:

  • Operators stake slashable Subspace credits to ensure crypto-economic security.
  • Higher stakes increase the chance of transaction execution, earning fees.
  • Nominators amplify an operator’s stake, sharing transaction fees and creating a symbiotic relationship.

3. Stake Wars Phases:

  • Phase 0 — Orbit (T-17): Gemini 3g launch, farmer dilemma, Nova deployment (restricted).
  • Phase 1 — Planetfall (T-14): Gemini 3f rewards end, 3g incentives begin, and transfers are enabled.
  • Phase 2 — Base Building (T): Operator registration opens, marking the start of the contest.
  • Phase 3 — Harvesting Resources (T+14): Nomination begins, allowing TSSC holders to support preferred operators.
  • Phase 4 — Endgame (T+42): Campaign concludes, and transaction fees no longer contribute to rewards.

4. Rewards and Incentives:

  • A dedicated reward pool of 0.6% of the total token supply, split between operators and nominators.
  • Allocation based on transaction fees earned during specific phases.
  • Unique POAPs for successful participants.

This is a war but we are all part of the same team fighting to enhance the chain and win the battle for mass adoption! See you there!




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