Step 3: Activating Your Node as Validator

Jul 18, 2022


Authorize Wallet Locally

Before proceeding ensure that you work on shardnet environment:

Copy the link in your browser and grant access to Near CLI. After following the steps you should receive an error message as blow:

Once you receive the err on the browser, go back to your console and type your wallet account id. Output should indicate: Logged in as account id.shardnet.near “successfully”!

Generate the Key File

Change “gateomega” with your validator moniker and run below command:

  • Edit “account_id” => xx.factory.shardnet.near, where xx is your PoolName
  • Change private_key to secret_key

Start the validator node

Setup Systemd Command

Press Ctrl + O and Enter to save. Press Ctrl + X to quit from nano.

Well done! You did activate your node as Validator!
Now let’s proceed with the Step 4: Deploying Your Staking Pool




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