2022 Year in Review | GateOmega

2 min readJan 23, 2023

As we embrace the start of a new year, let’s look back on what GateOmega’s 2022 was really about.GateOmega made significant progress in implementing security best practices, expanding its networks and contributing decentralization of blockchain during 2022.

Let’s navigate through our logbook to recap and share some of these with you;

In May, we celebrated our first anniversary on Solana Testnet where our journey started with the Tour de Soleil back in 2021.

Also we added Umbrella Network in our ranks which we believe will be one of the serious competitors in the Oracle industry.

As we continuously seek breakthrough techs in space, we have experienced Proof-of-History thanks to the SubSpace Gemini testnet during June. Emphasizing about security but not running a Forta Scanner would be a shame and since July we have been supporting all available chains. We also celebrated our first anniversary on Oasis Network concerning Consensus, Emerald and Cipher.

August has been exciting since the long wait has ended for Sui’s announcement for Incentivized Testnet.

In September, Near Stake Wars ended where we secured our rank as 12th among 1300~ validators and also won the Data Science competition. While we are celebrating the 100th epoch in Solana mainnet, we joined TDS22 and relocated testnet to Edgevana. Subspace Gemini II also was also part of our September log.

October has been challenging yet business as usual for GateOmega because of Solana’s cluster restart. We would like to emphasize that -on top of our high uptime and APY, we are proud of our responsiveness for every ecosystem we join since this is a race with time along with security and robustness.

In November, Solana Jito announced its launch and we were selected within the top 20 among all validators. By the end of November, we were already running our Sui FullNode on incentivized testnet and also activated Jito on Solana Mainnet where additional MEV Rewards became part of the stake rewarding with Jito’s amazing initiative.

In December, we celebrated our first anniversary on Solana mainnet and we have kicked-off our node on Near ecosystem with 0% commission.

We thank you for your trust and for keeping faith in our major to minor achievements to improve our staking service.





Gate Omega is a new start-up company based in Turkey. We are a team of 6 and currently focusing on disruptive and innovative crypto projects .